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-What The Magazines Say About Kingscrossing-

"Celebrate real metal and sojourn with Kingscrossing. I can see why they are a top
seller at".
Metal Covenant

"Just as in medieval times, Kingscrossing like the brave knights before
them ride into battle waging war with their instruments of power. Suited
with double axes, Kingscrossing defends the true metal of the olden days".
Tim Lynch - HeavyMetalReview

"From the outset, it is immediately clear that Kingscrossing ooze professionalism and
class. The musicianship is proficient, to say the least, especially the searing 6-
string work".
KIT - Metal CD Ratings

"Metal fans raise your swords, because the debut album of KINGSCROSSING is a true
killer!!! Eleven songs with a total playing time of forty-five minutes, showing us that
true metal is still very much alive".
Toine van Poorten - Metal Forever, Forever Metal

"This band from Las Vegas is hot as hell in the word's purest sense for this self-
produced and self-titled CD is powerfood for every voracious Metalhead".
IronIngo - Metal Rules

"Kingscrossing knows damn well how the bring variation elements to their music. Kick-
ass breaks, magnificent skilled guitar duties and devastating drum / bass lines".


Kingscrossing is an all Original Heavy Metal band with a medieval theme, created in 2001 by Guitarist Zack Grimm in Arizona. In 2002 it all started coming together when Zack relocated to Las Vegas Nevada to audition and select band members.  Kingscrossing’s original lineup consisted of 4 members which shifted to 5 in 2006 with the addition of a second guitarist, creating a fuller and heavier sound. Throughout the years the bands line up changed a few times yet always increased the overall great metal chemistry they have today.
If your Metal taste buds savor bands such as Iron Maiden, Queensryche and DIO,
You will definitely love what Kingscrossing has to offer!

Kingscrossing has had great success over the years remaining true to their roots by contributing pure heavy metal to listeners through live performances, radio, television and magazines worldwide. With their 2007 self-titled release, the doors began to open generating top reviews, being selected as CD of the month in several magazines and listed as a top seller with various music distributors. Their live shows are very energizing as they keep the music flowing through the veins of the audience!

Kingscrossing’s lineup consists of these 5 Metal Warriors:
Michael Adams – Vocals
Zack Grimm – Guitar
Kevin Grimm – Guitar
Alessandro Sousa – Bass
Paul Von Klock - Drums

Drummer Paul Von Klock and Bassist Alessandro Sousa lay down a mean thunderous foundation that is rock solid. Meanwhile, both guitarists Kevin Grimm and Zack Grimm forge the metal rhythms and soaring harmony leads as the operatic vocals of Michael Adams is layered over the top, molding together True Metal for the Masses that is Fit for a King!

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Kingscrossing self  titled 2007 Release

Songs on Kingscrossing 2007 release.

1. Kingscrossing
2. Powersource
3. Life          
4. Brainwashed
5. Nightmares
6. Reflections
7. Angels of the Knights
8. Bed of Nails
9. Stalker
10. Rapid Fire
11. Stuck in a Hole

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GOALS of Kingscrossing

Tour Worldwide Giving Top Performances and Bringing Metal to the Masses!


Kingscrossing has accomplished the following in 2006 to Current.

CD’s -
Kingscrossing 2007 Release - Recieving top reviews worldwide and is one of the top selling Heavy Metal CDs at CD Baby. 

HEAVY magazines compilation CD - Print of 30,000 distributed in all of Europe. 


11 Videos all aired on UPN and several other TV stations across the Nation.
New videos for 2008 are currently in the works.

KRWN 92.9 in New Mexico,
Howard 101 SIRIUS (Bubba the Love Sponge Show),
KWTF Worldwide,

Kingscrossing is distributed worldwide through distributors and digital downloads.

Kingscrossing has recieved top reviews worldwide in magazines and ezines. 


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Past Shows

Past shows from mid 2006 to present
Venues, Festivals and Benefits 

House of Sound -Kingman, AZ
Pinkez – LV NV
Tailspin –LV NV
Chris's Event Center- LV NV
Moapa Valley- Moapa Valley
Plaza Hotel Casino- LV NV
Rick Burton's Halloweenfest -LV NV
Tailspin- LV, NV with Ron Keel
Glorias Lounge- Visalia CA
Skoners MC Fundraiser/Child Haven – LV NV
2 New Members added to Kingscrossing
STUDIO time – New CD
New Drummer
Gators - Farmington NM
Slanted Clam - LV NV
Toy Drive- Wickenburg, AZ
Mineshaft - Wickenburg, AZ
Club Access- Berlin, Germany
Swordbrother Festival 6 - Andernach, Germany
Nikki Lee's - Las Vegas NV 
Las Vegas Rock and Roll Cantina LV,NV

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