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A Talk With ZACK GRIMM (Guitars)



One of the highlights and most promising releases in months is the debut album of Kingscrossing from the USA. This band started back in 2002, after a conflict that caused the break up of Steel-Life. Guitar player Zack Grimm took his talent to Las Vegas, Nevada and formed Kingscrossing. Now it's time to have a chat with this talent that quotes: ''I live for music and the high it gives me... it's my drug''.

Q: We both have the same in common.... Every day starts with music and ends with music. I am a passive music fan; you are the active music maker. We both try to get involved in music as much as possible. What is the main goal? What do you want to achieve in your life, musical wise?

Zack: Our goal is to tour the world and bring back Metal the way it was in the 80s. Put on shows our fans will always remember and have fun doing it. I want to keep progressing in life, goals and my guitar playing. Record several more CDs and hoping to shoot new Video for 2007.

Q: Since you picked up the guitar at the age of 4, you got a variety of influences through the years. How comes that you got stuck to the harder guitar sound, what turned you into a hard rock and metal fan?

Zack: I always loved the heavy sound of guitars when I was growing up and watching my dad play guitar. Nazareth and Black Sabbath were my favorite bands around the age of 8 and had great guitar riffs and killer sound. Then later in life I heard Randy Rhoads play. He was amazing and I really liked his melodic lead solos and rhythms. I always dreamed of being able to play like him. Then during the 80s so many great Metal bands formed playing great music and putting on shows I will always remember. I knew at a young age I wanted to do the same thing. 

Q: Zack, you played in several bands all over the years, starting with original rock songs in the band Rik-A-Shae, followed by 80's metal covers in the band Jealous Rage, to end with original heavy metal bands like Psychosurgery, Steele-Life and ... Kingscrossing, your actual band. Can I say that you made a natural progress through the years? You learned from each band a bit, with Kingscrossing as final result?

Zack: Yes. Playing with other musicians over the years helped me find what I was looking for in a metal band. All were good experiences. Kingscrossing is how I intended for my other bands to be and now I have that. Everyone in the band has the same goal and work together well.

Q: What is the meaning of Kingscrossing? Is it an event from the Middle-Ages?

Zack: I wanted a name that would go with the Medieval theme we have. I actually wrote the song Kingscrossing before naming the band. I really liked the name Kingscrossing and it stuck.

Q: The first Kingscrossing album was recorded in 2005. Who played in the band during the recordings?


Greg Williams - Vocals
Zack Grimm - Guitars
Rob Shock - Bass
D. Hying - Drums

Q: You also recorded 11 video tracks, which were aired on Channel UPN in Las Vegas. Most bands shoot 1 or 2 videos, how comes that you did 11 videos at that time?

Zack: We were originally going to only do 2-3 videos with Bob Harris at We R Video productions in Las Vegas. Bob had his own TV show on UPN and needed music videos for 13 weekends so he gave us a discounted rate if we did all the songs, So we did it.

Q: Were all videos in the same style, location, environment?

Zack: 5 videos were filmed in the TV studio in Las Vegas and 6 videos were filmed in our warehouse on our stage. We also had some video of live shows we did outdoors.

Q: In April 2006, a second guitar player was added to the band. Was it in consideration to become a more chunky, fat guitar sound?

Zack: Yes and it is better for live shows.

Q: It's also easier to perform live gigs when the band has two guitarists, isn't it?

Zack: Yes. The guitarist can do more, like trade lead solos and has a fuller sound live.
I think it also gives the fans a better show.

Q: How did you get in touch with Richie Pagan? Did he play in other bands before?

Zack: I was looking for a second guitarist for years. I wanted someone that had the same style, goals and sound. A friend in Phoenix that was also a promoter, told me about Richie and said Richie was looking for a serious Metal band. After listening to him play, I was convinced he was the guitarist needed to complete Kingscrossing. 

Zack: Yes Richie met up with Chris and John Oliva forming Avatar which later became Savatage after his leaving to Hollywood California. He formed a band called Original Sin with former members of Steeler. Other bands include Spent, Alien and Agents.

Q: And what happened with the original vocalist? On June 17th, the band welcomes Michael Adams, and he's not just another singer! How did you get in touch with him?

Zack: Greg was interested in doing only local gigs and doing cover songs so he pursued it. A very close friend and great female guitarist Amy Schugar, (Schugar / Shenker band) told me about Michaels band Cyrus Zain disbanding. She said Michael might be looking for a band. Michael was exactly what we were looking for and he liked what he heard with Kingscrossing.

Q: Is Michael still part of his other band Cyrus Zain?

Zack: No. Cyrus Zain disbanded. The guitarist plays for former Warrant singer Janie Lane but they remain close friends.

Q: Michael recorded a hell of an EP, which scored 97/100 points on this Webzine. Is a good review important for a band, does it give you strength to go on, or don't you care what other people think?

Zack: I do care. A good review really helps a band in many ways. I think it also lets a band know more about their own progress also.

Q: A new line up also means: recording time! Kingscrossing re-recorded their first output in September. Why did you choose for a remake of the original?

Zack: I was not 100 percent happy with the first recording so I didn't release it. I knew it could be better changing a few things and we did. The new lineup had the style and sound we were looking for.

Q: Have you been in touch with any record labels? This is a must-have album for every fan of typical US heavy metal with outstanding vocals!

Zack: Thanks for the great compliments.We havent been contacted by any major record labels yet. The CD was released Dec 18th and as soon as the holidays pass we will get show dates set and CD distributors are listed on our main webpage at

Q: The remake took place at AM Studios in Bouldercity, Nevada. Did you know this studio from earlier recordings, or was it the first acquaintance with this studio?

Zack: Michael our singer used this studio and highly recommended them. It was my first time meeting Joey and Kelly at AM studio. These guys do an awesome job and know what they're doing. We plan to record our next CD with them.

Q: Great reviews came in, a lot of interest was shown and Kingscrossing was selected to participate on the German Metal Crusade Compilation album. Did they select a track on their own, or got the band involved as well?

Zack: Everyone in Kingscrossing would like to thank Martin and Jagger at HEAVY magazine for all their support. Martin Brandt gave us a great review and selected our song ''Rapid Fire''.

Q: Is ''Rapid Fire'' the track that stands best for the music of Kingscrossing? Do you believe that this is the ''anthem'' of the band, the most comprehensive track?

Zack: Never really gave it much thought...We'll have to leave it up to our listeners. 

Q: Another reaction from Europe came in, at the beginning of December 2006. The band signs with Blue Steel Agency from Holland. What does this contract include?

Zack: Yes, December 1st we joined Blue Steel Agency and they will be booking our tours in Europe. We are very proud to be with them. They are also part of MDM. Music Design Managemnet

Q: It seems like a tour will be in the making for December 2007. Isn't it all planned a bit too early, it's almost a year from now?

Zack: We are ready to Rock and looking forward to the tour.

Q: Do you agree that the band and their music is mainly focussed on the European market? Is this the goal of the band?

Zack: Yes...I am truly amazed how dedicated the metal fans are in Europe and very pleased to be able to meet everyone that has helped us soon!

Q: Zack, you are also involved in Loud Production and you are helping with booking and promoting bands in Nevada, Arizona, Utah and California. How is the metal scene nowadays? Is 'following trends' still hot in the US?

Zack: I was involved helping Loud Prod for a short time before starting my own production co GrimmRocker Productions. I enjoy helping other bands. The Metal scene in the US is making a comeback but still weak. Things are still trendy here.

Q: And what about your documentary film about Metal Church? Why exactly Metal Church, are you a close friend of them?

Zack: I was asked to help film the documentary when I was working with Loud Prod. I became good friends with Ronny, Ira and Jay. I see Ronny the most when he comes into Las Vegas. Igrew up being a Metal Church fan so all this was an honor.

Q: On the homepage you mention your personal favourite musicians. Names like Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde, Dimebag Darrel and Dave Mustaine are listed, but also Ira Black. I want to know a little more about this last name. We know Ira Black since years, he's a very nice and talented guy that finds his way from band to band. But... in what way did he influence you? (perhaps his metal jewellery which is weaved through his beard?) 

Zack: haha...yeah his cat spine is cool. Ira influenced me by being a great guitarist, performer and being versitile. Playing one style with Metal Church and another style with Lizzy Borden where he is now. That was a great show! Not to mention Ira is a great guy.

Q: You have written and composed all music for your last three bands. What about new songs, I guess that you wrote already a lot of new material?

Zack: Yes another CD will be in the making mid 2007.

Q: How will the band Kingscrossing evolve through the years? What are your personal expectations?

Zack: To always keep our fans hunger for Metal satisfied and keep recording CDs videos and touring more.

Q: Well, we know much more about the band, the future plans and your personal vision on things. Is there one more thing that you want to add to this interview?

Zack: I want to thank our fans worldwide for their support and buying our CDs, Martjo and Volker at Blue Steel Agency, MDM , and of course Patrick and Stefan at Metal to Infinity magazine, Michael at Sacred Metal magazine, Martin and Jagger at HEAVY magazine, Hellion Records, Karthago Records, Helmut Muller and everyone else that has helped launch Kingscrossing in Europe!
I hope we get to see all of you when we tour! Please stop by our website at and sign our guestbook. Thanks!!

Q: Keep an eye on this website, because within time, the review of the album will be online as well! Keep up the good work and drop us a line when there is info to spread! All the best with Kingscrossing, and hope you see and meet you at the end of 2007 in Belgium!! By the way, what is your knowledge about our country? What do you think of if you hear the name Belgium?

Zack: I have always heard people talk about Belgium having ''great food'' and very friendly people. So I tend to think of that.

Patrick de Sloover on behalf of Metal To Infinity Webzine 

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When The Kings Cross Their Swords....
Interview by: Toine van Poorten (July 2007) 

Metal Forever-Forever Metal

Many bands predict to sound true to their old school metal heroes. However, when you listen to their music, nothing seems to remember about the good ol’ days of heavy metal. This is definitely not the case with KINGSCROSSING, because this band breathes true metal. All the more reason to introduce these true metal warriors a bit closer to you.
We’re talking to Zack Grimm here, who shows us that there are still bands who have their metal heart in the right place. We raise our swords for Zack Grimm and KINGSCROSSING!

Q: When did KINGSCROSSING start out as a band?

Zack Grimm: “KINGSCROSSING started as a band with members in 2002.

Q: Zack, why did you leave STEEL LIFE in 2001?

Zack: “I wanted to tour out of the country and out of state. The other members were not taking things serious enough, so I went to Las Vegas to start KINGSCROSSING and find other band members that had the same dream and vision.”

Q: How did you guys meet up with each other?

Zack: “We met through other musicians, friends and music stores. It all came together like it was meant to be.”

Q: What’s the biggest difference between STEEL LIFE and KINGSCROSSING in your opinion, Zack?

Zack: “I have to say the teamwork is there, we all agree on the same things and have the same influences. And having five members instead of three gives us a heavier solid live sound.”

Q: Did any of the band members play in other bands before they joined KINGSCROSSING, and if yes, in which bands did they play and did they record anything?

Zack: “Yes. Michael Adams was in CYRUS ZAIN and recorded a CD and video. Richie Pagan was in ORIGINAL SIN, SPENT and AVATAR with the Oliva brothers. Rob Shock was in AFTERSHOCK and Anthony Kates - our newest member - was in GOLGOTHA.”

Q: Richie, we are very interested in your story of course, because you played together with Jon and Criss Oliva. When was this and what was it like to play with the ‘Mountain King’ and his brother Criss? (R.I.P. brother, we still miss you very much!!)

Richie Pagan: “I met Jon and Criss playing in a bar in the late 70s. At that time Criss was fifteen and playing bass. Jon was singing and playing guitar. Some members of my band and I joined with Criss and Jon to form the band AVATAR. Criss then switched to playing guitar and at one point Jon did lead vocals and played drums. It was definately a great experience! We always had good times and enjoyed what we did. Those were memorable times, I'll cherish forever. To this day, I am still friends with Jon and deeply saddened about Criss's passing.”

Q: Please inform us about any line up changes, that occured between the formation of KINGSCROSSING and today.

Zack: “The original lineup was -

Greg Williams-vocals
Zack Grimm-guitars
Rob Shock-bass
D Hying-drums

Today’s lineup is-

Michael Adams-vocals
Zack Grimm-lead guitar
Richie Pagan-lead guitar
Rob Shock-bass
Anthony Kates-drums

Q: Who came up with the name KINGSCROSSING and why did you choose this name?

Zack: “ I originally wrote a song called "The Kingscrossing". The song title became "Kingscrossing". I wanted something that had a medieval style to it and “Kingscrossing” seemed to fit. So the band was named after the song, months after “Kingscrossing” was written.”

Q: How would you describe the music of KINGSCROSSING yourself?

Zack: “KINGSCROSSING has the roots of old school heavy metal for the new millennium. If you like IRON MAIDEN, QUEENSRYCHE, JUDAS PRIEST and DIO, you will love this CD. All of our metal influences shine through.”

Q: Who can we see as the musical influences of KINGSCROSSING and maybe each individual member can name his personal influences here, too?

Zack: “Everyone in the band has the same influences. Most all 80s heavy metal bands influenced us all and we will stay on that track as far as style, but still progress to today’s sound keeping our roots. It’s what we enjoy writting and playing.”

Q: How did the press react on the album “Kingscrossing” so far?

Zack: “We have been getting great reviews, comments and CD sales are doing well.”

Q: Did you also get any negative criticism, and how do you deal with that? Do you try to take learning out of it, or do you try to forget about it as quickly as possible?

Zack: “Not much negative critisism at all. A few people said it’s not their style, but they listen to light rock or blues music. Can't let anything get to you though. We have learning experiences every day in one way or another but such as life.”

Q: In which way does the ‘new version’ of this album differ from the original version, which was recorded with other band members, that left the band almost right after the album was completed?

Zack: “The original version was just a demo and only a few hundred copies were made. I was never happy with the way it turned out and knew it could be better. I feel Michael’s vocals and adding Richie Pagan on guitar changed things for the better and I am happy with how it turned out.And the live shows have much more energy and full sound now.”

Q: How do you create a new song? Do you write lyrics first, or do you start with the music, or do you create new ideas while playing or jamming together?

Zack: “Most of the time I turn on my recorder and let it run as I play around with guitar riffs. Drums also inspire me to write, so Anthony, Richie and I get together and come up with some cool stuff too. Michael has some really good lyrics that create ideas as well.”

Q: Who writes the lyrics for KINGSCROSSING and what are they about?

Zack: “Michael and I wrote most the songs on this CD and Rob wrote a couple. Most are about things I've been through in life. Some tell a story with a medieval theme. Richie wrote a couple and will be on the next CD.”

Q: Where do you have your rehearsal space and how did you find it?

Zack: “We rehearse in Las Vegas at MDV Entertainment rehearsal studios. I found them through a search on the internet. They have everything music related and treat us very well.”

Q: We’re gonna have a look at your live shows now, if we may. With which bands did you share the stage already?

Zack: “In KINGSCROSSING we've done shows with Ron Keel and several cover bands.In the past I have done shows with FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, TESTAMENT, PISSING RAZORS, MISSING PERSONS, GUTTERMOUTH, to name just a few.”

Q: With which band would you like to go on touring, if you had the chance?

Zack: “OZZY for sure. SAXON, JUDAS PRIEST, HEAVEN AND HELL, IRON MAIDEN come to mind first. Most any of the true metal bands.”

Q: What can people expect, when they come to see a KINGSCROSSING live show?

Zack: “They can expect to see and hear a great metal show with high energy and a medieval theme.”

Q: Do you use any show elements or special effects?

Zack: “Yes, we have a castle backdrop, and some medieval props.We are also working with Rockstar Pyro and will have fire.”

Q: Do you also play covers live, or do you just stick to your own penned material? And which covers do you play live?

Zack: “At the moment we are all original, but have played “Metal Gods” by JUDAS PRIEST in the past.”

Q: Have you ever played outside of America and if yes, where was that?

Zack: “We haven't been out of the U.S. yet, but look forward to touring soon in different countries.”

Q: Are there many clubs in the area, where you come from, where you can play live? In other words, what’s the metal scene like in the Arizona/Nevada area?

Zack: “Las Vegas (Nevada) has several smaller clubs. Phoenix (Arizona) has more venues, that would suit us better. Bigger stages and more of a demand for metal.”

Q: What do you think about (heavy) metal in 2007 in general? Any favorite (new) bands perhaps?
Zack: “The metal scene is making a good comeback and it’s great to see most of the 80s metal bands still touring. I like the new SAXON CD.”

Q: The metal scene over here in Europe is still quite big. Have you ever thought about coming over to Europe to tour here?

Zack: “Yes. We hope to tour Europe in 2008. We will be playing the Swordbrother Festival and Darkside in December 2007 and looking forward to it.”

Q: Are there many (well-known) bands, that come from the area where you live?


Q: I was positively surprised by the old school metal sound you created on your album. I get the feeling that the album was recorded in 1982 instead of 2006. How come that you didn’t put any new metal influences on the album and why was it so important for you to sound as authentical as possible?

Zack: “The influences of KINGSCROSSING really shine through on this CD, I think. With our new drummer, we will be able to take things to the next level and have a more power metal feel.”

Q: My favorite song on the album is “Rapid Fire”. What’s yours and why?

Zack: “I like “Rapid Fire” also, but a more favorite of mine is “Powersource”. Richie and I really have fun trading solos at the end on that one.”

Q: Browsing through the thanks lists of the different band members I found the name of AMY SCHUGAR, the female guitar player, who recorded a CD with MICHAEL SCHENKER a couple of years ago. What’s your connection with Amy? If you see her, please give her our regards (Toine and Rita van Poorten of Metal Maidens in Holland, she’ll remember us).

Zack: “Amy has been a very close friend for several years and we talk often. I gave her your regards and she said “hi”.”

Q: In your biography, I read that you’ve recorded eleven (!!!) videos, which aired on the local TV stations. Have you ever thought about releasing these videos on DVD for the fans?

Zack: “I don’t think we'll release the older videos, but release the new videos to our fans instead. We are trying to get them out very soon.”

Q: Knowing that the debut album “Kingscrossing” was written already before this line up existed, I can imagine that you’re working on new material already. What will it sound like and what’s the main difference with the songs that we can hear on “Kingscrossing”?
Zack: “I like Anthony’s drumming better. More power there for sure. Richie and I are also doing more harmony leads and trading solos a little more too.”

Q: What are your future plans with KINGSCROSSING?

Zack: “To keep writing metal and hopefully get to tour full time.”

Q: Are there any important shows on your agenda?

Zack: “So far, it’s Swordbrother Festival in December. Other than that, we will be playing several local shows around Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and California.”

Q: We read, that you were added to the bill of Swordbrothers in Germany. Will this be the only European gig or have you got more shows scheduled over here?

Zack: “We will also be playing Darkside in Berlin. Hoping to get at least 2-3 weeks of shows at that time in Europe also.”

Q: I guess, you must be really looking forward to play over here?

Zack: “Yes! We can’t wait.”

Q: You contributed a song on the “Metal Crusade” compilation album. Which song was chosen for this CD?

Zack: “The song chosen was "Rapid Fire". Martin Brandt from Heavy Magazine helped out with that a lot. (Thanks Martin!!)”

Q: How important is the internet for a band like KINGSCROSSING?

Zack: “It has made things so much easier to get the word out and helps us to better communicate with our fans and other people in the music industry.”

Q: Do you have any merchandise available for the fans?

Zack: “We will have shirts again. At the moment we have stickers, 8x10 autographed photos of the band, 18x24 posters of the band and more merchandise will be added soon.”

Q: Is the “Kingscrossing” album the only available release so far? And where can people buy this essential killer album? Please advertise here, it’s for free my friend!

Zack: “The CD can be purchased through our site or any of the listed distributors on our site such as CD Baby (, Karthago Records, Hellion Records and more.”

Q: How did you get in touch with the Blue Steel Agency of my good friend Martjo Brongers?

Zack: “Sascha (Sir Lord Doom) from Hellion Records told me to contact Martjo.”

Q: I am an old school heavy metal fan since about 1978. I always thought, that heavy metal is more a way of life, than a music style. Do you agree with this statement?

Zack: “I agree 100%. Learn it, live it and love it.”

Q: Do you have a large record collection at home?

Zack: “I have over two thousand CDs, all metal.”

Q: What’s the rarest, or most valuable item in your record collection?

Zack: “I really value some of the old OZZY with Randy Rhoads. "You said it all" and "You Lookin At Me".”

Q: Who are the beautiful KINGSCROSSING MAIDENS on your My Space page?

Zack: “Kaley, Sarah, Misty, Talia and Michelle. We will be adding more girls very soon, but only taking thirteen.”

Q: Is there anything you’d like to add to this interview? Maybe there is something we forgot to mention here, which is essential for the story of KINGSCROSSING. Any latest news maybe?

Zack: “We look forward to seeing everyone in Europe very soon. We are currently working on some videos with Rockstar Pyro and the next CD. Please drop by our Website “

Q: Do you have any personal messages for your fans?

Zack: “Never stop rockin'! And a big thanks for your support.”

Q: The well-known ‘last’ words of this interview are for KINGSCROSSING....

Zack: “We would like to thank Kahler Tremelo Systems, Anvil/Calzone Cases and Pagan Guitars. Thanks to all who support us and metal. We want to thank Blue Steel Agency, Rita and Toine for this interview and support, and thanks again to everyone that has helped us get on our way.”

Interview by: Toine van Poorten (July 2007) 

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Michael Adams Kingscrossing
Interview July 2007

by Derric Miller
Staff Writer

Hardrock Haven: Thanks for being with us here today, Michael. First off, for those who have yet to hear Kingscrossing, how would you describe the Kingscrossing sound? Who are the other players in the band, and what are you guys all about?

Adams: I would describe us as … I like to put us in a new sounding genre: millennium metal. We touch base with the old school metal and we also have a modern flavor. As far as the band goes, we have the twin axe masters Zack Grimm and Richie Pagan on guitars, we have the thunderous bottom end Rob Shock on the bass and the kick ass drumming of Anthony Kates.

HRH: You are the lead singer, but the album I just reviewed was actually a re-release of the debut album, as you replaced the original lead singer. How did you come to be Kingscrossing’s singer?

Adams: Actually I was in a band called Cyrus Zane, with the guitarist from Jani Lane’s band, Dario. He was busy with that band, so I kind of put Cyrus Zane on the backburner. Then, I got a call from Zack Grimm. He got a hold of me, and I went in and listened to what they had, they listened to me, everything was good, and I joined up.

HRH: The band is currently writing new songs for the next album. Tell me how the album will differ vocally from the debut, now that you are part of the songwriting process and can write the songs for your voice specifically.

Adams: The first album, I basically had to come in as a replacement for the old singer. Which was fine, you know; everything went great on that. The only song I really got to put my flavor to was “Power Source.” I’m real diverse in my writing … I write from the heart, but I don’t necessarily place anything vocally in a particular way. I’m just very diverse in my writing, and I think that will show on the new album.

HRH: I read your bio, and it says you are a “classically trained” singer. Can you get a little more specific about what went in to your training which allows you to sing how you do today?

Adams: Basically I had a lot of classical and opera training as a child. It was about four or five years of extensive training. It was when I turned about 14, I heard Queensryche and stuff like that. It stopped all that formal, classical training, and I became a new animal. I just love rock and metal, and I just sang metal from then on.

HRH: Awesome. So, do you ever break out the opera every now and then, or is that all just days gone by?

Adams: That’s days gone by …

HRH: Who are your main influences as a singer? And are there any new singers out there today who just blow you away?

Adams: Growing up … I grew up on guys like Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Of course, there was Ronnie James Dio and Geoff Tate, who are my two favorites. There’s not really anyone new who stands out right now that, or that I’ve taken a liking too, though.

HRH: If I had any knock on the debut album, it was that the songs were all pretty heavy rockers, and we didn’t get real chance to hear Kingscrossing in a slower, softer environment, just to mix things up. Will your new CD be a little more varied, or will you stick pretty closer to the “millennium metal” moniker?

Adams: The next album is going to be a lot more metal than the last one. Now that we have me for a singer, though, we are going to throw in some power ballads. Some real power, melodic metal ballads. They are going to give me a chance to show what I can do vocally, you know? But we are not going to have too many ballads on the album. We have one for sure, possibly two on the album.

HRH: When will the new album be recorded? Any set dates in mind?

Adams: It’s definitely gonna be at the start of the new year. We are working on it now, but we don’t want to release it the same year we released the debut. So, we are finishing up with it and it’ll be released in early 2008.

HRH: I noticed that on your personal MySpace page that you have a killer cover of Queensryche’s “Silent Lucidity” on there. Was that recorded for a tribute album, or?

Adams: That was actually a cover, tribute band that I was in with a well-known guitar player Mark Kohl from Yellowbrick Road. This was in Vegas, in a band called Charge: A Tribute to Rock. We were covering a lot of different singers. We were thinking of doing a Queensryche tribute, because everything we did with Queensryche sounded really good, and really close. It just turned out really well, and I left it on the MySpace page to just show another side of me.

HRH: It always seems like Europe has a better appreciation for the type of music Kingscrossing creates than in the U.S. Do you find that to be true? Do you guys have more popularity overseas right now?

Adams: Yes, for sure. We had about five or six reviews coming in from Europe, from Germany. We actually signed with Blue Steel Agency. We are playing at Club Darkside on Dec. 21, and we are doing the Swordbrothers Festival on Dec. 22. A lot of our record sales are coming out of Hellion Records; we are getting a lot of orders from Europe for our records. So yes, we are doing pretty well over there and we are focusing mostly on the European market.

HRH: Do you have any tour plans in the States coming up this summer, or are you focusing on the new album right now?

Adams: We are basically focusing on the new album right now. We have those two shows in December, and everything else right now is really tentative. But we will be following up with more dates on the new album for sure.

HRH: The band, at least two of your, make your home in Las Vegas. So what is the metal scene like there in Vegas?

Adams: The true metal scene is not that big here right now. There are a lot of modern style bands, punk … Vegas is a lot of tribute acts. But there’s not really a big metal scene.

HRH: OK. Is there anything I left out that you’d like to leave with our Hardrock Haven faithful?

Adams: Thanks for the interview man; you guys are the best. There will be a new Kingscrossing album in 2008. Hardrock Haven rocks.

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