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"Celebrate real metal and sojourn with Kingscrossing. I can see why they are a top
seller at".
          -Metal Covenant-

"Just as in medieval times, Kingscrossing like the brave knights before
them ride into battle waging war with their instruments of power. Suited
with double axes, Kingscrossing defends the true metal of the olden days".
          -Tim Lynch - HeavyMetalReview-

"From the outset, it is immediately clear that Kingscrossing ooze professionalism and
class. The musicianship is proficient, to say the least, especially the searing 6-
string work".
          -KIT - Metal CD Ratings-

"Metal fans raise your swords, because the debut album of KINGSCROSSING is a true
killer!!! Eleven songs with a total playing time of forty-five minutes, showing us that
true metal is still very much alive".
          -Toine van Poorten - Metal Forever, Forever Metal-

"This band from Las Vegas is hot as hell in the word's purest sense for this self-
produced and self-titled CD is powerfood for every voracious Metalhead".
          -IronIngo - Metal Rules-

"Kingscrossing knows damn well how the bring variation elements to their music. Kick-
ass breaks, magnificent skilled guitar duties and devastating drum / bass lines".








Kingscrossing self titled 2007 Release 

Songs on Kingscrossing 2007 release.

1.   Kingscrossing
2.   Powersource
3.   Life
4.   Brainwashed
5.   Nightmares
6.   Reflections
7.   Angels of the Knights
8.   Bed of Nails
9.   Stalker
10. Rapid Fire
11. Stuck in a Hole

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"Kingscrossing is an all original Heavy Metal band with a Medieval theme. If you like Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Judas Priest, Manowar and Dio, You will love this band."

 Kingscrossing is an all Original Heavy Metal band with a medieval theme, created in 2001 by Guitarist Zack Grimm in Arizona. In 2002 it all started coming together when Zack relocated to Las Vegas Nevada to audition and select band members.
Kingscrossing’s original lineup consisted of 4 members which shifted to 5 in 2006 with the addition of a second guitarist, creating a fuller and heavier sound. Throughout the years the bands line up changed a few times yet always increased the overall great metal chemistry they have today. If your Metal taste buds savor bands such as Iron Maiden, Queensryche and DIO, You will definitely love what Kingscrossing has to offer!
Kingscrossing has had great success over the years remaining true to their roots by contributing pure heavy metal to listeners through live performances, radio, television and magazines worldwide. With their 2007 self-titled release, the doors began to open generating top reviews, being selected as CD of the month in several magazines and listed as a top seller with various music distributors. Their live shows are very energizing as they keep the music flowing through the veins of the audience!

Kingscrossing’s lineup consists of these 5 Metal Warriors:
Michael Adams – Vocals
Zack Grimm – Guitar
Kevin Grimm – Guitar
Alessandro Sousa – Bass
Paul Von Klock - Drums

Drummer Paul Von Klock and Bassist Alessandro Sousa lay down a mean thunderous foundation that is rock solid. Meanwhile, both guitarists Kevin Grimm and Zack Grimm forge the metal rhythms and soaring harmony leads as the operatic vocals of Michael Adams is layered over the top, molding together " True Metal for the masses that is fit for a King!



Kingscrossing has accomplished the following in 2006 to Current.

CD’s -
Kingscrossing 2007 Release - Recieving top reviews worldwide and is one of the top selling Heavy Metal CDs at CD Baby.

HEAVY magazines compilation CD - Print of 30,000 distributed in all of Europe .

11 Videos all aired on UPN and several other TV stations across the Nation.
New videos for 2012 are currently in the works.

KRWN 92.9 in New Mexico,
Howard 101 SIRIUS (Bubba the Love Sponge Show),
KWTF Worldwide,

Kingscrossing is distributed worldwide through distributors and digital downloads.
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Kingscrossing has recieved top reviews worldwide in magazines and ezines.


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Metal CD Ratings
Metal Forever, Forever Metal (Europe)
Hard Rock Haven (USA)
Metal Rules (Europe) 
Metal to Infinity (Europe) 

Kingscrossing - s/t 4/5          Metal CD Ratings Website

Reviewed: 2-8-08 by KIT

It warms the cockles of my heart to see that the 80s traditional U.S. heavy metal sound is alive and well today. I'm not talking power metal, progressive metal, speed metal, symphonic Hollywood blackened theatrical operatic horror viking metal, or any of those other fractured sub-genres, just plain old-fashioned, true-as-steel American metal in the vein of Axehammer, Malice, Lizzy Borden, Breaker, Vicious Rumors, Obsession, Leatherwolf, 'Dungeons'-era Savatage, 'Warning'-era Queensryche, Armored Saint and the like. To my ears, the pride of Texas, Aska, are the leading purveyors of this style, but Nevada's Kingscrossing have enthusiastically thrown their hat in the ring with their 's/t', independently released debut CD.

From the outset, it is immediately clear that Kingscrossing ooze professionalism and class. The musicianship is proficient, to say the least, especially the searing 6-string work of Zack Grimm and Richie Pagan (love the stage names, guys). The production is sharp, clear and superior to that heard on many of today's bigger-budget recordings. And vocalist Michael Adams is a massive talent. He claims to be influenced by Geoff Tate and Ronnie James Dio, and I hear both of those. But I'd also toss in some Bobby Lucas (Overlorde), Mark Vanderbilt (early Kamelot), Jim Hamar (Breaker), and, for something a bit more obscure, Dale Anthony (Zaxas). His technical skills are superb, and he manages to be powerful, controlled and expressive all at the same time.

Of course, for a band like Kingscrossing to succeed, the songs must be excellent. Let's face it: This style of music has been around for more than a quarter century. If, like Kingscrossing, you are choosing to perform that sound in undiluted, pure form, without innovation or experimentation, then it is imperative that the songs be strong. (Don't get me wrong: I'm not criticizing the band for playing true, unabashed American metal. Far from it, I applaud the choice. But that narrow path isn't necessarily the easiest road to recognition given the conventions and inherent limitations in the style, so great songwriting is a must.) On this metric, 'Kingscrossing' is a winner. Sticking to the midtempo for the most part, Kingscrossing present a host of compelling riffs and cool vocal melodies, with memorable songs. The adrenaline-powered "Rapid fire" (no, not a Judas Priest cover) is an obvious highlight, as are the band's eponymous track (opening line: "Stand up and fight for the king and the queen") and the speedier bursts of "Powersource" and "L.I.F.E.". All 11 songs are effective, and there are no ballads, instrumentals, intros, outros or other pointless time-wasters on this lean 45-minute attack. The mantra "all killer, no filler" comes to mind.

What's frustrating is that a band of Kingscrossing's caliber continues to toil in obscurity. They're unsigned and have little word-of-mouth buzz, to my knowledge. However, late last year Kingscrossing crossed the pond for a short tour and an appearance at the famous Swordbrothers Festival in Andernach, Germany a few days before Christmas. Here's hoping that 2008 is kind to Kingscrossing, a band with the chops, talent and songs to turn, no, bang, many heads in the underground metal community.

Finally, a caveat: Confusingly, there are 2 versions of this debut CD floating around. The earlier edition (recorded in 2005) features a different singer, somewhat different tracklisting and weaker production. If you decide to check out Kingscrossing, make certain you pick up the 2006 pressing, which features re-recorded material, new material, better production, and Adams' stellar pipes.


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KINGSCROSSING- Kingscrossing (independent)

Metal fans raise your swords, because the debut album of KINGSCROSSING is a true killer!!! Eleven songs with a total playing time of forty-five minutes, showing us that true metal is still very much alive. The band hails from Arizona, where they polished their best armour and sharpened their axes, before going to battle. The five warriors of metal can be proud of their album. No clichées, no GAMMA RAY or HELLOWEEN-like galloping beats, but powerful metal hymns is what you get, spiced up with some great twin axework. Just listen to a song like “Powersource” to get the idea what the two axemasters have in mind for you. “Brainwashed” starts off quite interesting and it will catch your attention right away. Get a load of riffage in this song, it’s great! “Nightmares” opens with a drum intro similar to “Run To The Hills” of IRON MAIDEN in 1982. The rest of the song could well be on any old SAVATAGE album. While “Reflections” sounds more like the old QUEENSRYCHE stuff in the early days. As you can see, there is plenty of variation in the sound of KINGSCROSSING, and they sounds like some of the best old school metal bands. In “Angels In The Night”, singer Michael Adams sounds like a Ronnie James Dio. The song shows some similarity with “Stars” of the short lived HEAR ‘N AID PROJECT. “Stalker” and “Bed Of Nails” can be categorised as great songs, but in my opinion “Rapid Fire” is one of the definite highlights on this CD. It’s not the JUDAS PRIEST cover, that goes by the same name, but it does have the same power as this metal anthem. ‘You live by the sword, die by the sword’, backed with an ultraheavy riff, yes that’s the shit I wanna hear. The CD closes with the short “Stuck In A Hole”. Just one last check. Was this album recorded in 1982 or in 2006? It was recorded in 2006 by a band called KINGSCROSSING, consisting of Michael Adams on vocals, Zack Grimm on lead guitar, Richie Pagan on lead guitar, Rob Shock on bass and D. Hying on drums. KINGSCROSSING, a name to remember, if old school heavy metal is your thing! (9/10- Toine van Poorten) 

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CD/DVD Reviews
Kingscrossing Independent

by Derric Miller
Staff Writer

Comments: With band members with names like Zack Grimm (guitar) and Richie Pagan (guitar), there is right around zero chance the band Kingscrossing won't succeed. It's called kismet, karma, luck … some things just make sense, just fit together. These guys HAD to be in a Metal band, you see? Oh yeah, the bass player's name is Rob Shock; go figure. Rounding out the band is lead singer Michael Adams and drummer D. Hying, and together, they have released one of the coolest independent releases in quite a while.

Kingscrossing has influences of Queensryche - mostly due to Adams' similar vocal style to Geoff Tate - and they also have a bit of Power Metal or NWOBHM in their music, like Saxon. Kind of a "can't fail formula," eh?

The CD opens with a song after the band's name, typically either a narcissistic or just bad move. It's not too bad, here, though. "Kingscrossing" has Lynch-like riffs and searing guitar leads, a triumphant and galloping rhythm section, and some impressive vocals from Adams. They admit their sound a bit like "medieval metal" in their MySpace page, and you'll get that here. Both Grimm and Pagan eschew normal rhythm playing for speedy and fast guitar passages.

"L.I.F.E." is one of the songs that should go far in making these guys well known. It's heavy, with more insane guitar leads, and Adams shines vocally. He's received classical training, much like Geoff Tate, and you'll hear it in his delivery. Everything is under control-there's no untimely or untoward screams, no reaching for notes he can't attain. His lower passages are just as good as his higher range, meaning he understands just because you can hit the high notes doesn't make you a great singer. He's got the whole package. Check out Grimm's solo on "L.I.F.E." It's fat and full, sort of like a Zakk Wylde solo.

Shock tears into things on "Nightmares," leading the way with a funky and grooving bass intro. This song is a bit more experimental than the others. It has quirky guitar sections, and Adams' voice is kind of pushed to the front, rhythmically jousting with the lead guitar. Cool.

Now, when they do slow things down, you are going to get a major Queensryche comparison. On "Reflections," the song begins slow, and has that same ominous feel of "Take Hold of the Flame." Adams uses his higher range, and the song picks after the opening to another straightforward metal anthem.

That's about as slow as the band decides to get, though. The next tracks are all high quality, like "Angels In the Night," "Stalker" and "Bed of Nails," but they don't really branch out and try new things. It would have been interesting to hear the band pull off a ballad or mid-tempo rocker, letting Adams show what he can really do. Maybe next time around.

Kingscrossing is a strong release. If you like guitars, they are your band. If you like high-quality singers, Adams won't leave you wanting. They know how to write great songs, even if they sometimes fall into similar styles. 

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2007 Private Pressing (45:55)

This band from Las Vegas is hot as hell in the word's purest sense for this self-produced and self-titled CD is powerfood for every voracious Metalhead. The opener and title track inevitably reminds me of FIFTH ANGEL while the following "Powersource" is fast and heavy and makes me draw comparisons to POWERSURGE or LETHAL. Every single track feels like a journey back in time to the good old 80ies.And thus the band's variable sound cannot be compared to only one band but legends as WARRIOR, OMEN, ROUGH CUTT or AXEHAMMER could serve as a stylistical orientation for you. And, of course,vocalist Michael Adams' voice is 100% pure Metal. Senseless to point out any single song here for this album totally kills. You ought to check out there homepage as well to listen to several sound files which should finally convince you completely !!


Translation: Peter Schulien 

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First of all i'd like to tell that when you're hooked on True US Heavy Metal music, you do not let go beyond a band like Kingscrossing. It all started back in 2001 when guitarist Zack Grimm disbanded his formation Steele Life, a band which played those days with numerous other greats such as Flotsam and Jetsam, Cessation Of Life, Anvil, Imagika, St. Madness and many. Zack left the Steele Life ranks for unknown reasons to me but kept on writing and composing new songs. Zack's a natural born eavy Metal maniac with the intention of delivering true sounds of steel to all those that feels attracted itself to this genre.

He went in search of the appropriate musicians whom he found at first by ex-Aftershock vocalist Greg Williams. Some other Aftershock members Rob Shock (bassist) and drummer D. Hying met up later on. With this lineup, Kingscrossing played a lot of shows in the LA until an accident struck. They were ready to record a debut album in 2004 but was delayed due to drummer D. Hying who touched seriously wounded broke his pelvis in three places. Spoken of a developement...Shit always happen at the most unsuitable moments but Kingscrossing picked up the wire seven months later to continuing making Metal music.

Singer Greg Williams decided to call it quits and was replaced by ex-Cyrus Zain frontman Michael Adams (check out the CZ review right HERE please). Also, a second axe shredder joined the Kingscrossing ranks by the name of Richie Pagan (ex-Avatar / Original Sin). Finally, the time was right entering the studio again for the recordings a debut album, actually a remake of the 2004 delayed one, plus a few new tracks added. That job is done and meanwhile, the album is unleashed to take the world by storm and surprise! This independent release has eleven tracks on board that incredibly sound so damn good, i must confess that this album is definitely one of my favourite ones of 2006!

A US Metal thrill, a revelation or whatever, i've really been impressed to the extreme. Musically wise, Classic, US Metal in the vein of Vicious Rumoprs, Aska, Seven Witches, Icarus Witch, Phantom X, Eidolon...superb from beginning till the bitter end. Top-notch vocals of Michael Adams reminds me of killer singers such as Bobby Lucas (Overlorde, Exhibition, ex- Seven Witches), Ray Alder (Fates Warning, Engine, Redemption) and the almighty Geoff Tate (Queensryche). After a short, electronic introduction hell breaks loose with the song "Kingscrossing". I knew right from the start, this band was amazing in every way. A first, perfect US Metal song the way it should be.

More awesome songs on the way with the up-tempo pearls like: "Powersource", "L.I.F.E." and "Rapid Fire". Besides the more faster songs, Kingscrossing knows damn well how the bring variation elements to their music. Kick-ass breaks, magnificent skilled guitar duties and devastating drum / bass lines. Taking me higher are songs such as: "Stuck In A Hole", "Stalker", "Reflection". Let me be straight while saying that the entire album has such a positive impact on me, i'd like to call this piece something very special, something that fuilfills all my US Metal desires! One thing left to say, ORDER immediately or get the hell outta here.

TrueHeavy Metal revelation of 2006? To me, definitely yes!!! MY POINTS: 98 / 100 


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